Ebola - the Chinese are coming

Saturday, 1 November, 2014

As the West African Ebola outbreak continues and many developed countries, like Australia (my own), head for the hills, China is stepping forward. China has agreed to:
i) build a permanent laboratory in Sierra Leone. Construction will begin this month. The laboratory will be used in the current outbreak and to help Sierra Leone detect and control outbreaks of other tropical diseases. Read the story at http://en.chinagate.cn/2014-11/01/content_33934635.htm.
ii) build a 100 bed Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) in Liberia and provide 480 medical staff from an army unit that helped control Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in China in 2003. Again the aim is to get the ETC up and running within November. Source http://www.chinadailyasia.com/nation/2014-10/31/content_15185318.html

Since the SARS outbreak, China has an impressive record of acting quickly and massively to control epidemics. Their action now in West Africa is welcome at a time when sponsors for new treatment centres are difficult to find.

Posted by Rick Speare