Atoifi rushes into the digital age!

Wednesday, 27 August, 2014
Atoifi satellite dish

Our research capacity strenthening work at Atoifi, Solomon Islands, has been hampered by the slowness and unreliablity of the broadband satellite link. However, that changed last week with the upgrade of the hardware and the bandwidth due to combined inputs from WHO Tropical Diseases Research and the Seventh Day Adventist Pacific mission. The former provided funding while the latter (Michael, Kevin and Harry) set up new hardware and configured software to get an outstanding result.

Mentoring via Skype between colleagues in Australia, Solomon Isalnds and USA is now possible. This has been used on the weekend during discussions about the measles outbreak in East Kwaio.

A news story about the improved communications has been posted at the Atoifi Research Group's website. This is hosted by THS. Visit

The next step is to obtain a larger dish to maximise the bandwidth available under the new contract. Anyone have a secondhand 3.7 metre dish?

Posted by Rick Speare