Nothing useful! - a review of research on head lice in the Pacific Countries and Territories

Thursday, 3 July, 2014

A just published review of research on head lice in the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) has found that nothing of value has been published. THS Director, Rick Speare, led a team that included authors from Atoifi College of Nursing (Solmon Islands), University of Hawaii (USA) and NSW Health (Australia). The aim was to find evidence to assist in producing guidelines for management of pediculosis in Solomon Islands, the second most populaous country in the PICTs.

The only research from the Solomon Islands was published 37 years ago and lacked details.

This review highlighted the parlous state of knowledge on head lice and its control in the PICT. It called for local research in a range of targeted topics. It suggested that this research should be done by local researchers assisted by outside experts using a research capacity building model.

Speare R, Harrington H, Canyon D, Massey PD. A systematic literature review of pediculosis due to head lice in Pacific Island Countries and Territories: What country specific research on head lice is needed? BMC Dermatology 2014;14:11.

Posted by Rick Speare 3 July 2014