New research grant - Atoifi Research Grants Scheme (ARGS) - Solomon Islands

Monday, 23 June, 2014

Atoifi Adventist Hospital announced its new Atoifi Research Grants Scheme (ARGS) last week. This is a new activity of Atoifi’s Research Capacity Strengthening Project. The ARGS will provide funds to local researchers (“a resident who does research”) to answer local questions of relevance to health. This can include clinical research, community based health research, educational research, analysis of local data, or other relevant topics that are related to health or social determinants of health.

The aim is to increase the number of local people who undertake research that can ultimately improve the health of people in East Kwaio.

Eligibility criteria is any person living in East Kwaio. Anyone who meets the criteria is encouraged to apply.

The following documents can be downloaded here:
ARGS Guidelines (pdf)
ARGS Application Form (Word)

Deadline for applications is Monday 7 July 2014 before 5 PM (Solomon Islands time)

Atoifi’s Research Capacity Strengthening Project is supported by Tropical Diseases Research (TDR), the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, co-sponsored by UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank and WHO (grant 1-811001688).

Posted by Rick Speare 22 June 2014