Project Planning and Management training in Solomon Islands

Saturday, 22 March, 2014
TDR research capacity strenthening at Atoifi, Solomon Islands

A workshop on Project Planning and Management held last week in the Solomon Islands was highly successful. This workshop was held at Atoifi, a remote site in East Kwaio, Malaita, Solomon Islands for 4 days from 17 March. It was attended by nurses, teachers, village leaders, pastors, a doctor, a pharmacist and chiefs from the Kwaio Mountains. About 60 individuals attended overall. Morning sessions were held in Solomon Islands pijin and the same sessions repeated at night in English.

Content included what is research; developing clever aims, SMART objectives, and feasible activities; research ethics in a Pacific contest; constructing Gantt charts and how to use for monitoring; developing budgets and budget justification; working in teams; monitoring and evaluation.

The workshop was facilitated by Michelle Redman-MacLaren (JCU), Dr David MacLaren (JCU), Emeritus Professor Rick Speare (THS), Humpress Harrington (Atoifi), and Esau Kekeubata (Atoifi).

Over 90% of participants rated the individual days and the course overall as good or very good.

Certificates of Attendance were available to participants who attended at least 3 of the 4 days. At least 70% of attendees met this criterion.

This training session was a component of a capacity strengthening grant awarded to Atoifi by Tropical Diseases Research, World Health Organization. Partners in implementing this workshop were Atoifi Adventist Hospital, James Cook University and Tropical Health Solutions. Under the TDR grant Atoifi will hold further research training workshops in June and August 2014. Developing researchers at Atoifi will also be supported by the expertise of the project partners to conduct research to answer local questions.

Posted by Rick Speare