East Kwaio TB awareness work on Radio Australia

Thursday, 19 December, 2013

The Atoifi TB Awareness Project, funded by the Australian Respiratory Council, hit the international news yesterday. Our colleague Esau Kekeubata was interviewed and a portion of the interview can be found at Radio Australia here.

ABC Radio Australia: TB fighting efforts in Solomon Islands take account of sorcery beliefs

Attempts to combat the spread of tuberculosis in Solomon Islands are being helped by using local cultural knowledge.

A team from the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Australia's James Cook University are in Malaita's East Kwaio district, working with local people who believe there is a connection between disease and sorcery. The team has developed a DVD about TB in the local Kwaio language and have taken it to the 41 villages and hamlets in the surrounding area.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Esau Kekeubata, cultural adviser

Posted by Rick Speare