Traveling to China? Avoid Chinese bird flu

Thursday, 27 June, 2013

Rick Speare's June colomn in Medical Observer highlights that travelers to China and surrounding countries should take precautions against avian influenza H7N9. The column mentions T shirt masks. These can be made from T-shirt material (slightly elastic) and used instead of surgical masks. A good option for bearded men! They are also washable.

The T shirt mask was originally described by Dato et al (2006). Fit testing at JCU showed they were not as protective a P2/N95 masks, but these latter masks performed poorly anyway in most subjects (beards or not).

Dato VM, Hostler D, Hahn ME. Simple respiratory mask. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2006;12(6):1033-1034.

Image: Author wearing a T-shirt mask

Posted by Rick Speare